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The hospitality industry is quite literally a global ‘People’ business and Broadwater recognises the critical role and importance of our People, while continuously working to identify and create more leaders - not just more followers.

Nobel prize-winning bio-chemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who was recognised for discovering Vitamin C in 1937, amongst other significant achievements, defined "discovery" as “seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”.  

Broadwater embarked on our 'Journey of Discovery' program to catalyse employee-lead initiatives and improvements by providing formal recognition for outstanding contributions by our People, while creating a framework for both their personal and career development.  

Adopting this definition, true ‘discovery’ appears to be an under-utilised practice in many hospitality enterprises but Broadwater has a clear focus on employee lead discovery and innovation and we are working hard to build upon our reputation for innovation, not resting on it.  

Broadwater employees are encouraged to walk in the shoes of our customers and to see issues or events through each customer’s eyes. 

Our employees are encouraged to feel a genuine personal connection to our business and to keep the ‘heart and soul of a small business in the body of a bigger business as we grow’ (adapted from a quote by Jack Welch).  

Broadwater is one of a small number of Australian hotel companies which offer their employees potential access to on-site vocational and internationally accredited education. 

In building our Broadwater team, each team member must demonstrate three essential attributes - a genuinely positive attitude to being of service, a true connection to our Broadwater business and to other team members, and a willingness and eagerness to learn (including ongoing training and personal development). Prior work experience, job skills and relevant qualifications are also highly valued. 

Our Broadwater team looks forward to extending you some authentic Broadwater hospitality when next you visit one of our unique Broadwater resorts.

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