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A career in hospitality can really take you anywhere, arguably providing you with access to some of the world’s most flexible and dynamic employment.

The hospitality industry quite literally is the global ‘People’ business. 

Broadwater recognises the critical role and importance of our People, while continuously working to identify and create more leaders - not just more followers.   

Nobel prize-winning bio-chemist Albert Szent-Gyogi, recognised for discovering Vitamin C in 1937, defined ‘Discovery’ as “seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”.   

Broadwater continues the roll-out of our Journey of Discovery program, a program designed to catalyse employee-lead initiatives and improvements by providing formal recognition for outstanding contributions by our People, while creating a framework for both their personal and career development.   

Adopting this definition, true ‘discovery’ appears to be an under-utilised practice in many hospitality enterprises but Broadwater has a clear focus on employee lead discovery and innovation and we are working tirelessly to build our reputation for innovation, not to rest on it.   

Broadwater employees are encouraged to walk in the shoes of our customers and to see particular issues through each customer’s eyes. Our employees are encouraged to feel a genuine personal connection to our business and to keep the ‘heart and soul of a small business in the body of a bigger business as we grow’ (adapted from a quote by Jack Welch).   

As a committed partner in your future career with us, we are keen to help you on your journey toward an exciting and fulfilling career which should be founded on ‘mutual benefit’ between us.   

Employment opportunities regularly arise at our Broadwater properties, including our resorts in Perth, the Margaret River wine region in the South West of WA and in Geraldton on the Mid West Coast of WA.   

If you would like to find out more about Broadwater or any available positions, please email us for an information pack:   

Your employment application will then be forwarded to the Resort Manager of the individual Broadwater property to which the position relates, so that we may assess your application, experience and qualifications and let you know what current or likely future opportunities may be of interest.   

It will assist us in assessing your application if you are able to enclose either a resume (curriculum vitae) or a full statement of education and work history with your application for employment. Your full address and telephone contact number/s should also be included.   

Your application for employment will be treated by Broadwater as ‘private and confidential’ and will only be copied to the Broadwater property or properties for which your application is being assessed.   

We sincerely thank you for your interest in employment with Broadwater Hotels and Resorts and we wish you very success with your future career aspirations.  


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